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I do not allow my affiliates to copy our entire full-length sales letter. Why? First the Erase Your Stretch Marks sales letter is copyright protected. Second, making the prospect move from one sales letter to the exact sales letter is not pre-selling and does not make much sense. For these two reasons I have crafted a sample mini sales letter for you to publish on your website.

Note: You can use this sample mini-sales letter as a landing page for your Pay Per Click campaigns. A powerful little trick I have learned is to create a different landing page for each pay per click campaign by altering the title a bit according to the keywords you use to in your campaigns. This will make the landing page more relevant and dramatically increase conversions.

For example: if you use variations of the phrase: ”stretch marks” use this title on your landing page:

The Amazing stretch marks removal Secrets From A Former Sufferer

If you use variations of the phrase: ”Get Rid of Your stretch marks” use this title on your landing page instead:

Having Trouble To Get Rid of Your stretch marks? Learn The Effective and Guaranteed Methods in Erase Your Stretch Marks

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Mini Sales Letter

Who Else Wants To Get Rid of Your Stretch Marks Quickly and Naturally and Prevent the Outbreaks To Come Back For Good?

Dear stretch marks sufferers,

How would you like to have your own way for making those stretch marks go away, disappear, fade or be less visible for life? Do you want smooth, silky skin, without the unsightly bumps and discolorations, even embarrassment and discomforts that stretch marks bring? THE SOONER you start your plan for coping effectively with your very own STRETCH MARKS, THE BETTER!

Your skin is by far the largest organ of your body. It really covers and ‘stretches’ from our head to our toes!... It is flexible and pliable. It moves and morphs with us. Think of what happens to it when a woman gets pregnant, as we grow taller, wider, heavier, and older – it changes and transforms with us. It responds and sometimes as the fibers that connect cells and tissue reach their maximum elasticity, they break, tear, rip and leave dreaded markings, edges, bumps and scaly ‘scars’ on the surface of our epi-dermis or outer-layers of our skin.

Right, stretch marks... Stretch marks occur anywhere and everywhere on the body. They often occur as our weight fluctuates. They are the result of expansion, contraction and stretching of the skin. As our body changes, skin fibers, cells, membranes and walls get pulled and stretched beyond capacity until they ‘give’ and break. Both men and women battle this on-going war. Our skin shows and tells the story and path of our lives. Stretch marks are a physical evidence of this process that we do not want and have to deal with. We conceal and camouflage. We try to get rid of them through diet, exercise, topical treatments and other interventions. Everybody can get stretch marks!

Girls and women, men and young adults, even athletes can get them - NOT JUST PREGNANT Puberty and growth spurts all contribute to leaving its mark on our skins as we grow up, develop and come into our own. Our bodies are not stagnant, but dynamic and on a path of evolutionary proportions. We change and morph and our skin is right there with us, taking on this challenge. Some battles inevitably leave their mark – PERMANENTLY!

Many argue that hormones are to blame and that it is NOT JUST ANOTHER WEIGHT PROBLEM! IT IS NOT ONLY FAT, OVERWEIGHT OR OBESE people that have to deal with unsightly STRETCH MARKS! Yes, we have all seen them, touched them and tried to smooth them out – those hard-to-deal with-and-look-at STRETCH MARKS! They are undeniably there and present, for us to dread and others to frown upon and take notice! They are inevitable and everyone and anyone actually have to cope with them in some way, shape or form at and through the different stages in our lives. Modern science, technology and medical breakthroughs, even laser-type surgery and treatments leave consumers with lots of choices and options.

To learn more about erasing your stretch marks and to find out how YOU can start re-balancing your body today and start the path to becoming stretch marks-Free, visit the erase your stretch marks Website at: