Marketing Tips - Finding Keywords

Finding Keywords

In order to leverage the power of search engines and the various promotion methods and to plan your website and marketing strategy better, you must first understand the importance of keywords.

Keywords are the words and phrases people use to find what they're looking for in the search engines and are in fact the foundation of every successful affiliate marketing campaign.

It is highly important no only to find as many relevant keywords as possible, it is also crucial to find the right keywords, the most targeted and relevant keywords and those that have as little competition as possible. The more good keywords on your list the higher your chances to drive more qualified prospects, increase your conversions and receive higher commissions.

For example, according to the typical buying cycle, there are three types of keywords:

Browse keywords - keywords people use to generally browse between websites, products and services, with little to no intention of buying. These are the most competitive keywords. For example: “get pregnant”

Compare Keywords – keywords and phrases people use when they know what they need but haven’t decided what product or service will suit their needs and requirements from the selection available. “fast and natural pregnancy program”

Buy Keywords – phrases people use when they know exactly what product or service they wish to buy. They have settled on a specific product or service and are looking for a website which provides that product or service. For example: “holistic infertility cure e-book ”.

The right keywords are the lifeline of any affiliate business, especially if you’re promoting through pay per click. Your success with Google adwords, depends mostly on finding the right keyword list that converts well and has little competition as possible.

Google Ad Words is still one of the most effective and fastest ways to earn money as a clickbank affiliate.

The following is a list of some excellent resources for keyword research:

Google Keyword Tool

Wordtracker – This is the most reliable and popular keyword tool among professional Internet marketers.

Good Keywords – a free online tool which produces fair results

Ad words analyzer by Jeff Alderson

Keyword Discovery



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